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Where do I start.....

Its a VERY BAD Idea !

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FASTRetrieve is a DEVELOPMENT system. That means that, so far, a consumer friendly one has never been issued. Fot the uninitiated that means that a versionhas never been released which is free of bugs (actually, its full of them). For this reason I (the developer) have chosen not to release FASTRetrieve to any sort of market.I'm happy for it to be used either by myself, under supervision (by myself) or by a suitably authorised person (of which, at this moment, there are NONE - but this is likely to change fairly soon).

Should you choose to make an illegal copy - several people have asked if they can beg, buy or steal a copy (which only leads me to assume thatquite a few haven't asked - and have just got on with it) my advice would be DON'T.

My Answer Has Been NO For Good Reasons !

If you try to use this software without my support you are opening yourself up to a whole bag of potential problems. The consequences could be as minor as a phone call froman irate competitor who has been waiting hours for a bus you promised him or they could be a lot more serious. Picture the poor competitor who, finding himselfon the side of a mountain, miles from anyone, with one message left in his phone battery - sends his message to the system in the hope of a retrieve before the night sets in- gets the format of the text a bit wrong - the system rejects it, but doesn't tell the untrained operator AND the poor person is left there...possibly late into the night(the system would eventually identify them as still missing - but you're going to look a chump !)

I wrote a very safe system to look after people who have put their trust in me ! - I support my system with my own presence and am very ready to answer questions should it fail to identifya possible problem (assuming I was looking after it at the time) - should you choose to copy my system and then suffer a problem - I hope you have a book of 'great answers' readyfor the director of your particular competition.

Technical Support!

Should you find yourself in a position where you have decided (against my advice) to use this software illegally and then its all gone wrong - please don't fret (at this point I should smilewarmly and let you fry in your own oil - but I wont...quite). If you suffer a software problem andsomeone's safety is in the balance I'll try to help - as best I can (but you're putting me in a bad situation - I know nothing about the infowhich has been pumped into the system, nor any changes you may have made and I'll be trying to do it by give me a break !).

I'll want you to come clean, tell me where you got the software, why you were using it etc - BUT I'll try to help you to get back the info you have lost...I can't say fairer than that ... unless you think otherwise...?

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