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    Paragliding World 2012 - Event 1 - Castelo, Brazil
  • Completed work on Auto Decoding of SPOT messages - all SPOT positions are now plotted instantly and the acknowledgement message is returned to the pilot's mobile phone.

  • Added support for the iPhone GPStoSMS application (suggested by Hakan Irtem) to allow iPhone users to send in auto landing texts - similar to the Report Back for Android by Joerg Ewald.

  • In collaboration with Manolis, the system can now set up each task 'on the fly' including event details. This avoids the need to set up the Leonardo system and task list at the start of the competition.

  • Paragliding World Cup SuperFinal - Valle de Bravo, Mexico
  • Added functionality for the FastRetrieve operator to instantly plot pilots 'in Goal', on a particular vehicle or as having 'own retrieve' at the time the message is checked (previously this had to be changed after answering the message).

  • System can now forward pilot's messages to an external mobile (held by the FASTRetrieve operator) allowing messages to be processed while the operator is elsewhere (eg the Goal field) - these pilots are then auto plotted and the replies sent in the normal way. 

  • The system can now obtain its turnpoints from a CompeGPS WPT file by direct import as well as from the scoring system in use.

    Paragliding World Cup 2011 - Event 5 (and also Womens Open Paragliding Championship) - Ager. Spain 
  • The clash of dates with the FAI Pre-Euros in St André, France has required multi competition functionality to be added. The system now applies a prefix (ie PWC, FAI, BOC etc) to each comp allowing more than one instance of the map and the leaderboard to be displayed at the same time.

  • Each instance of FASTRetrieve now registers itself on the website allowing its operators to exchange messages as if they were other SMS's - the messages arrive in the inbox in the same way as pilot messages.

    and prior to these - a lot of other functions have been added :-
  • Start of 2012 - the whole system has now been completely redeveloped in a more modern development environment and is now packaged as a single EXE file instead of a huge Access database.

  • Full integration with Leonardo Live Tracking - from the start of the comp as follows :-

    • All competitors can be assigned a Live Tracking Unit number at, or just after, registration. These can be dynamically changed during the week as required. Trackers can also be assigned to vehicles and competition staff as needed.

    • Task set up, sending of pilot details and waypoints and definition of the task (including all times etc) is transmitted direct to the Leonardo servers straight from FASTRetrieve - the moment the task is received.

    • Website post is created along with all live tracking links etc for the particular task and automatically posted to the appropriate website- as defined by the comp prefix

    • Pilots position can be 'tracked' at the press of a button. If the fix is less than 3 mins old then any pilot can be traced on the retrieve map.

    • Live leader board extended (when used with CompCheck and Leonardo Live Tracking) to show live positions during the race.

  • Pilot database can be populated from a CSV file which can be filled in using Excel

  • Live map now displays co-ordinates in UTM, Decimal Lat/Long and DMS formats.

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