SMS to Mapping
Efficient XC Competitor Retrieval
Using SMS Messaging

  • FASTRetrieve knows where Everybody is ALL the time
  • Simple messaging plots competitors directly on the map
  • Automated SMS system tells competitors that each message has been received
  • Colour Coded Graphical Monitor Screen shows current status of ALL competitors - at a glance
  • Remote interrogation of system details by SMS is possible
  • Live Leader Board shows relative positions of competitors during the GPS download (and during the task when used with CompCheck and LiveTrack24)
  • Fault tolerant software keeps all competitor details even if the system crashes
  • Developed 'on the job' during the British, French & Spanish Open competitions 
    and the Paragliding World Cup
  • Full integration with the CompCheck scoring system and limited integration with FS.
  • Tried, Tested and Proven in the field.

FASTRetrieve was first developed to try and reduce the workload on the organisation staff during the retrieval stages of the British Championships at St André in 2007. It began as a way of reducing the paperwork and the time involved in checking who was still 'at large' and has since evolved into a complete messaging and monitoring system specifically developed for retrieving competitors quickly.

At the heart of the system is a bespoke SMS messaging server which accepts incoming messages from Competitors, decodes and extracts the required co-ordinates and feeds the information to the relevant parts of the system to indicate competitor status and position on a map. Competitors are tracked from first requesting a retrieve through collection by a vehicle and all the way up to final check in back at the base.

Instant check on the status of all competitors

At any moment in time the system gives an instant indication of the number of competitors still 'at large', the number on buses and those who are already back at base and checked in. This information can also be remotely obtained by organisers via a simple SMS enquiry. Limited remote control by SMS is now possible and is being expanded all the time.

From first contact competitors are plotted on a high resolution map which displays the location of all 'at large' competitors along with last known position of busses and also whether a bus has been assigned to any particular location or not.

New 'Live Leader Board' shows relative positions of competitors during the GPS download at the end of each day allowing the whole world to watch the results develop in real-time. Coming soon - the monitor screen above will also be available on the internet.

The system is under constant ongoing development. These pages give details of current capabilities but should be re-visited regularly since new features are being added all the time.

Please look around the rest of the site - it will explain the benefits of FASTRetrieve to both competitors and organisation. If you would like to use FASTRetrieve in your next competition or if you would like more details please get in touch.

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SMS/GPS Retrieval System
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