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Benefits to the Competitor

ReportBack for Android phones

Instant check on the status of all competitors

World Cup pilot Joerg Ewald decided there had to be an easier way than typing in a load of numbers every time he landed and devised this excellent application It is free from the Android Market (just search for reportback) and installs in seconds.

You enter your pilot number and the SMS report back number for the competition and this info is retained until you change it. When you land simply start the app and hit Report Back - the phone will wait until it has a good GPS fix and will then send an automated message in to FASTRetrieve - this is detected by the system and processed and you will receive a reply quickly.

You can also add more pilots and, if required, an additional message (eg waiting by the bus stop) and you have options for 'In Goal' and 'No Retrieve Needed'

GPS to SMS for the iPhone


iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Not quite free (it costs  $0.99). Developed by Jochen Holzer this was, originally, a generic system for sending a position from an iPhone. Jochen has kindly reworked it to integrate with the FASTRetrieve system and a special version is available HERE

It works the same way as the Android version and stores your pilot number and the report back number for you - report back with one click...

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