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How to get Live Tracking for your competition

The Brandlehner family of Austria and also the Paragliding World Cup have Live Track units available for rental. The cost is generally 10 per unit per week plus data (this gets a bit complex - if you have a comp in Europe the Brandlehner's units will normally be supplied with SIM cards but outside Europe you will need to source some local cards - the Paragliding World Cup units have special worldwide cards but this can increase data costs a bit outside of Europe).

You will normally pay for the units in advance and then data after the comp (depending on the type of card in the unit). There is also a 2.5 per unit charge for use of the Live Track 24 system which is payable in advance to

Once this is arranged you need to map each Live Tracker to a pilot (or bus etc) and then compile a file of these mappings to be sent to the LiveTrack24 server (FASTRetrieve can do this automatically if you are using it). The waypoints for each task also need to be defined and sent in a special format (again FASTRetrieve will handle this).

Once you have your comp and your task setup you can view the race live in Google Earth.

There is an excellent document on getting Live Tracking for your comp HERE

If you want more details on getting Live Tracking going in your comp send me an e-mail with dates etc and I will explain what can (or can't) be done for you...

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