SMS to Mapping

Benefits to the Competitor

Its Faster !

Before FASTRetrieve came along the whole process was handled by a number of people. The map was, initially, a real paper map on a table with competitor'spositions being marked by hand and model busses (or markers) being placed to indicate vehicle positions. All co-ordinates and/or locations were decoded by people receiving messages by SMS, phone, radio etc... This all took a long time and wasted a lot of manpower.

With all the slow stuff being done by computers (decoding of co-ordinates, replying to competitors, plotting markers on maps etc) the whole process is made muchmore efficient - thus, the primary benefit to the competitor is the vast reduction in time taken to organise your own retrieval...time you could be spendingback at base with your friends or even getting an early night ready for another task tomorrow...

Its International !

Additionally, FASTRetrieve removes the language barrier - there is no need to try to read your co-ordinates or location to someone who doesn't speak your language.The system deals in numbers, which are pretty well international, and any other messages can be passed to someone at the base for translation if required. Furthermore,work is under way to allow it to send any replies (common phrases etc) in the language matched to the competitor (or driver) in question.

Its Works When Your Phone Won't !

Obviously there will be times (there always are) when you won't be able to get a phone signal and you will have to resort to radio or some other means to tell us your location.Again, the whole co-ordinate system allows this to be done in the minimum of time and they can be manually entered straight in FASTRetrieve. Some competitors seem to prefer thissystem, having the added security of knowing they have also spoken to a person - this is understandable but the reason we chose to use SMS is that, even if your phone is going in and out of signal coverage all the time and cannot make a call, it can very likely send (and receive) an SMS - they take fractions of a second when you have coverage and you don't needa signal to write or read a text.

Its Improving All The Time !

Work is ongoing and the system is constantly under development. Much of this work is to make the whole process more seamless and more efficient for the competitor. There are someinteresting developments in the pipeline but we're not telling you what they are yet - there's nothing worse than an empty promise.... 

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SMS/GPS Retrieval System
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