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Costs for using FASTRetrieve


Probably not as much as you might think - to bring the necessary equipment to your venue and run everything from registration through to the end of a standard 7 day comp costs 1000 plus travel and accommodation.

You will need to supply some extra equipment to make the most of the facilities FASTRetrieve offers as follows :-

  • One screen for the pilot status screen (This is at HQ and allows pilots to see their own reported status and also that of fellow competitors. It isn't strictly necessary but for the same of one screen it is a good thing to have)
  • If you wish to display the Live Leader board this requires a LARGE screen which should be on a stand or mounted somewhere where it is visible to all the competitors (if your venue has abar this is the place to put the leaderboard)
  • It is also possible to place the Leader Board and also a display of Live Tracking (if you are using it) at a remote location - ie the goal field. For this you will need a spare laptop running Windows and also a means of connecting it to the internet (the best way for this is a 3G USB clip)
  • Live tracking can be displayed on a separate screen if required - obviously another screen is required if this is the case.
  • A printer is desirable (colour if you also want to produce Pilot ID Cards)
  • The computers used by these systems work hard and need to be kept in a fairly cool environment (below 26 centigrade) - if your HQ is not naturally this cool then you will need to supply air conditioning (Unfortunately, if you don't, the machines tend to stop working and we risk permanent damage - as a result they will not be switched on until this condition is met)

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