Questão: What fly does the Parachute Adams imitate?

The Adams is a traditional dry fly primarily used for trout. It is considered a general imitation of an adult mayfly, flying caddis or midge. It was designed by Leonard Halladay from Mayfield, Michigan in 1922, at the request of his friend Charles Adams.

What is a Parachute Adams?

An Adams pattern wraps the hackle around the hook vertically—up and down. However, the Parachute Adams contains a vertical post of white calf hair at the front or head of the fly. Then, hackle gets wrapped horizontally around the base of the post. Tiers refer to this as “parachute style”—hence the name Parachute Adams.

What is a Comparadun fly?

Comparaduns are one of the most versatile mayfly patterns in existence representing a low-riding mayfly to near perfection. However, many tiers shy this simple pattern due to the perceived complexity of tying the deer hair wings. Learn to master the technique with GFF partner Steve Schweitzer. Deer hair. Dry flies.

What is a parachute dry fly?

One such style is the Parachute style flies. They are constructed so that the hackle is wound horizontally around the up-right wing instead of vertically around hook shank as in conventional flies. The hackle is what gives most dry flies their floatation.

What size fly should I use for trout?

Streamers in size 6 to 4 tend to be most useful. Varying sizes can sometimes yield great results, but speaking to a local guide or fly shop is always a great way to zero in on the right size and pattern. The old adage ‘big fish eat big food’ doesn’t always apply; large trout frequently feed on very small insects.

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What is a blue winged olive fly?

Baetis – Blue Wing Olives

THE BLUE-WINGED OLIVE (BWO) is not a single species, but a group of them in the genus Baetis. There are many mayflies out there with olive bodies and gray- or duncolored wings, the key during a Blue-Winged Olive hatch is to get the size right.

Is Parachute Adams A dry fly?

The Adams Parachute Dry Fly is a versatile dry fly and has become recognized as a popular pattern on trout rivers around the world.

What does Comparadun mean?

no-hackle dry flies

How do you tie a Comparadun fly?

How To Tie The Comparadun Fly Pattern

  1. Secure the wing (use about 1/2 the normal amount of hair) Tie on the tail and wrap the body forward up to the wing.
  2. Pull the wing back and secure the thread in front of the wing. Take another bundle of hair push it tight against the wing and secure.
  3. Trim excess hair, dub the head and whip finish.