How long is Parachute Regiment Training?

Soldiers must complete an initial 28 week period of training designed to transforms raw recruits into elite soldiers trained to kill. It includes a 60ft aerial assault course, carrying a 180lb metal stretcher for five miles and the feared log race – a two mile trek carrying a 60kg telegraph pole.

How hard is Parachute Regiment Training?

This initial Parachute Regiment training course is called the PARA Combat Infantry Course, and it is extremely tough to get through. … During this stage of Parachute Regiment training, you will have to go through ‘P’ Company (P Coy) which is renowned for being one of the toughest training courses in the military.

How long is paratrooper training UK?

If you’re under 17 years and 5 months, you do basic training at the Army Foundation College Harrogate (for 49 weeks) and then 14 weeks at Catterick. Next, you do a three-week jumps course. You join your Regiment as a fully trained soldier, wearing your wings with pride.

How long is P company training?

P Company delivers a condensed 4-day PPS course tailored to the requirements of the 4th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (4 PARA) and other Reserve airborne units.

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Can you join the Parachute Regiment straight away?

To begin with, those people who wish to join the Parachute Regiment are required to undertake an initial interview at the Armed Forces Careers Office. … Candidates wishing to join the Parachute Regiment must pass the RSC, which comprises: A full and comprehensive medical by an Army doctor.

What percentage of the SAS are Paras?


What is the hardest regiment to get into?

The Parachute Regiment prides itself on having the toughest selection process in the British Army. Soldiers must complete an initial 28 week period of training designed to transforms raw recruits into elite soldiers trained to kill.

Do Paras still jump?

Army chiefs’ fury as Paras lose their parachutes: New cutbacks mean recruits will no longer be trained to jump. The name says it all: For more than 70 years the soldiers of Britain’s Parachute Regiment have been prepared to risk their all by dropping into the toughest of war zones.

How much do UK soldiers get paid?

The average annual salary for privates in the armed forces of the United Kingdom was just over 20.2 thousand British pounds in 2018/19, compared with approximately 120.7 thousand pounds for the rank of General.

Salary in GBPMajor58,201Captain48,550Warrant Officer l48,438Warrant Officer ll42,718Ещё 9 строк

Are paras commandos?

The original Paras were in fact Army Commandos. The first No. 2 Commando was formed on the 22nd June 1940 for a parachuting role at Cambrai Barracks, Perham Down, near Tidworth, Hants. … The members of the Parachute Regiment are not called Commandos because they do not have to take and pass the All Arms Commando Course.

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Are the paras Special Forces?

The Parachute Regiment is the airborne infantry regiment of the British Army. The 1st Battalion is permanently under the command of the Director Special Forces in the Special Forces Support Group (SFSG).

How many points do you need to pass P Company?

All events are scored, except the trainasium event which is a straight pass or fail. The total score required to pass is 45, with 10 points (maximum) being awarded for each test.

How much weight do Paras carry?

The Parachute Regiment challenges you to attempt the 10 Mile ‘P’ Company Cross Country Route; a multi-terrain endurance route, whilst carrying a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food and water) and wearing long trousers with ‘military style’ boots.

Can you go straight into 1 Para?

Yes, you can get drafted to 1 Para straight from Depot, although they do seem to change the rules on that every now and then so sometimes lads will get posted there and other platoons won’t get any going to 1 Para.

What is the SAS fitness test?

You will also be required to pass the standard Army Basic Fitness Test (BFT), which shouldn’t be a problem for any soldier who is on the course. In addition to the BFT you will also be required to pass a Combat Fitness Test, which involves a 2-mile run in 18 minutes and an 8-mile run in 1 hour 40 minutes.