How do you parachute in ACB?

How do you use the parachute in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood PC?

Press and hold the attack button, (square by default). If have them the chute will deploy.

How do you get the parachute in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood?

Simple: Open your game, then press the Esc button. Select the option “Database” and then select “User Manual”. After that you’ll see there are lots of options and click on your option – for instance “Parachute”. It’ll show how you can open the Parachute.

How do I get into the lair of Romulus in the Campagna district?

it is in a set of ruins near the French castle where you complete sequence 6. the lair entrance is underneath a french encampment. there are three beams that you can walk across above of the only entrance i can find.

How do you use the parachute in Assassin’s Creed Revelations?


  1. Press “X” (the blue botton) when jumping from a high enough point. …
  2. You have to press X. …
  3. Jump off something high, press X. …
  4. When you jump from a high place, quickly press X. …
  5. you press X for xbox 360 square for ps3 hope this helps :D.
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How do you unlock Cristina memories?

Cristina missions become available as you achieve more and more overall synchronization. Pause the game and select “DNA” to view your current “Total Synch” [sic].

How do you open parachute in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood ps4?


  1. Make sure you’re jumping off a ledge (R- Trigger + A) and not just hopping or dropping of a ledge, then you should be able to press X to open the parachute. …
  2. When you are falling hold ‘X’ until it comes out, then it’s ‘B’ to get out of it and ‘X’ for an air assassination.

Where is the last lair of Romulus in AC Brotherhood?

It’s the one in Basilica di San Pietro, which is in the Vatican.

How many scrolls of Romulus are there?


Where are the lairs of Romulus?

Although the entrance was located there, the lair itself was found in Nero’s Golden Palace. It was the first one visited by Ezio, and its entrance was located at a low point of the Baths, down a flight of stairs.