What was the big kite advice to her?

What advice did the big kite give?

sky. fly. never learn to soar high up. would fall if he tried to do so.

Why did the big kite fly away?

The big kite flew away because the big kite flew away because. parmarpriya811 is waiting for your help.7 мая 2020 г.

What did the big kite tell the little kite to do?

(a) What did the big kite tell the little kite to go ? The big kite told the little kite to try to fly.

How did the big kite react to the fear of the small kite?

The big kite asked the little kite to try because if the little kite gave up and didn’t try, it would never learn to fly. Ans2. When the little kite saw the big kite soar towards the sky, it stirred with fear.29 мая 2020 г.

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Why did mini jump high What did she tell the kite?

Ans:-Mini jumped high because she wanted the kite to fly high. She told the kite not to feel scared.

Why was the little kite happy?

The little kite was initially afraid in flying and it is feared that it would fall. This tries to go little and meant for knowing the big kite kept an eye on the little kite. In addition to this, the big kite wanted to gather little kite to make an effort to fly accordingly.

What did the little kite think it would never do?

Answer. Answer: The little kite thought that it could never fly high up in the sky like its father.

What did the big kite see from the sky?

He was afraid to fly because he was afraid that he would fall. … When the big kite went towards the sky, the little kite gathered courage and prepared herself for the flight. He could see the ground and the little boys would have been seen roaming around the small spots…..

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem how the little kite learned to fly?

A Kite – Poem Summary

The kid is thrilled to see how the little kite learned to fly high up in the sky and he wants to be like the kite and soar higher. We can see that it has a rhyme scheme of aabb (I-sky; go-blow).

How bright on the blue is a kite?

A new kite looks bright on the blue sky. It takes a plunge and bends. It makes a cracking sound with its tail. When a strong wind blows, it rides over it as does a ship on a tidal wave.

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Which sentence tells you that the little red kite was afraid?

Q2. Which sentence tells you that the little red kite was afraid? A2. The sentence, ‘ but the little red kite just trembled a little and lay down quietly on the ground’, tells us that the little red kite was afraid.

Who is the poet of the poem the kite?

Harry Behn

Who accompanied the kites?

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