What had happened to the kite?

What happened to Hassan after the kite tournament?

In these tournaments, people collect or “run” the defeated kites, but the second-place kite is considered the greatest prize. Hassan runs off after the blue kite. Amir takes his kite back to Baba’s house and then heads off to find Hassan. After a little wandering, he spots Hassan in an alley.

Why do you think Hassan does not give up the kite to Assef?

Amir does not stop Assef from raping Hassan first and foremost because he wants the kite to bring to Baba, and Hassan is the price he has to pay. … A terrible irony exists in the fact that Amir allows his friend to be raped in exchange for a prize that he believes will earn him Baba’s love.

Does Amir ever see Hassan again?

He talks about his love for his son, and says Rahim Khan is very ill. If Amir ever returns, he will find his faithful friend Hassan waiting for him.

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How does Rahim Khan die?

A man next to him at a soccer game cheered loudly. The guard on patrol heard the noise, walked over, and smashed Rahim Khan with the butt of his rifle. Amir learns that Rahim Khan had been living in Baba’s house in Kabul since 1981, when Amir and Baba fled.

Did Assef kill Hassan?

Assef comes over and shows Amir a picture of Adolf Hitler as a present. Decades later, Assef joins the Taliban and is responsible for numerous deaths that had happened in the region as a result of the Taliban’s conquest. After Hassan is killed by the Taliban, Assef kidnaps his son, Sohrab, and keeps him as a sex slave.

Why did Hassan still love Amir?

Hassan lived his life being loyal to Amir. He always told Amir “for you, a thousand times over” and he meant it. He had sacrificed himself his whole life for Amir and never expected anything in return.

What does Amir ask Baba that makes him angry?

What does Amir ask Baba that makes Baba angry? What does Baba say in response? Amir asks Baba if they can get new servants (Ali & Hassan). Baba is furious and tells Amir he will never get new servants.

Why does Amir want the blue kite so badly?

Amir muses over why he did what he did – he was a coward who was afraid of Assef, but it was also something worse. He had thought that the blue kite was his key to winning Baba’s love, and Amir was willing to sacrifice Hassan for that love. Amir’s decision that molds the rest of his life.

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How did Amir finally cut the blue kite?

By three thirty, there are only four left and he and the blue kite are two of them. Finally, it comes down to the two of them. When a gust of wind suddenly lifts his kite, Amir loops it on top of the blue one and lets it out so it cuts the string of the blue kite.

Why did Baba sleep with Sanaubar?

Baba had betrayed Ali, his closest friend since childhood, by sleeping with Sanaubar. As Amir says, having sex with a man’s wife was the worst possible way an Afghan man could be dishonored. Amir had similarly betrayed Hassan.

What is Rahim’s dying wish?

Rahim Khan’s dying wish was for Amir to go back to Kabul, and get Sohrab, Hassan’s son, and bring him to an American couple, Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, who would then take care of him. In a way, Rahim Khan was doing Amir a favor, because he was giving him a chance to finally forgive himself for what he did to Hassan.

What weakness of Amir’s does Baba apologize for?

car sickness

Who did Rahim Khan want to marry?


Do Amir and Soraya have a child?

In the summer of 1988, Amir finishes his first novel. He gets it published, and then he and Soraya start trying to have a baby. They are unable to conceive, however, and after numerous tests doctors cannot explain why they can’t have a child.29 мая 2020 г.

Can Amir be good again?

Amir becomes good again by returning to Afghanistan and rescuing Sohrab, who, he discovers is his nephew. Since he had failed Hassan when they were both children, this is a form of redemption for him.

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