Você perguntou: What is the first word of Chapter 6 Kite Runner?

What was Amir’s first word? Thank you. He speaks to Amir.

What happens in chapter 6 of the Kite Runner?

Summary: Chapter 6

Baba takes Amir and Hassan to buy kites from an old blind man who makes the best in the city. … When a string is cut, the losing kite flies loose, and boys called kite runners chase the kite across the city until it falls. The last fallen kite of the tournament is a trophy of honor.

What was Hassan’s first word?


What is Baba’s famous nickname?

Toophan agha

What does Baba say is the only sin?

Baba tells him that there is only one sin: theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. Murdering a man, for instance, is stealing his life.

Did Assef kill Hassan?

Assef comes over and shows Amir a picture of Adolf Hitler as a present. Decades later, Assef joins the Taliban and is responsible for numerous deaths that had happened in the region as a result of the Taliban’s conquest. After Hassan is killed by the Taliban, Assef kidnaps his son, Sohrab, and keeps him as a sex slave.

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Why did Hassan still love Amir?

Hassan lived his life being loyal to Amir. He always told Amir “for you, a thousand times over” and he meant it. He had sacrificed himself his whole life for Amir and never expected anything in return.

Why did Hassan stop smiling?

When he comes out of the surgery that Baba pays for, he smiles despite his swollen, raw face and thanks Baba and Amir, but even that smile and gratitude are not enough to win Amir’s true loyalty and friendship. … Because that was the winter that Hassan stopped smiling” (47).

Who asks Amir to Pakistan?


How does Sanaubar die?

Sanaubar was toothless and had suffered numerous stab wounds to the face. Rahim Khan tells Amir that she looked grotesque and had a severe gash over one of her eyes. After telling Hassan that she was his mother, he initially ran away.

Why can Amir and Soraya have a baby?

In the summer of 1988, Amir finishes his first novel. He gets it published, and then he and Soraya start trying to have a baby. They are unable to conceive, however, and after numerous tests doctors cannot explain why they can’t have a child. They talk about adoption, but General Taheri says he doesn’t like the idea.

What is Baba’s real name?

However, we do get a clue to the family name in Chapter 20 when Amir meets an old beggar on the streets of Kabul after his return to Taliban-held Afghanistan. When Amir hears him say that he used to teach at the university, Amir tells him that his mother used to teach there. “And what was her name?” “Sofia Akrami.”

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What does Sohrab do to Assef?

Sohrab told Assef to stop and held up his slingshot, and when Assef lunged at him, Sohrab fired, hitting him in the left eye. Sohrab and Amir ran out of the house to where Farid waited with the car. As they drove away, Amir passed out.

What is the greatest sin according to Baba Why?

Amir’s greatest sin is jealousy. He craves his father’s attention and so feels deeply resentful when he bestows it on Hassan. It becomes noticeable to Amir that Baba seems so much more effusive in his praise for Hassan’s achievements than his.

Why did Baba never call Ali his friend?

Summary: Chapter 4

Amir’s grandfather takes the young Ali in, and Ali and Baba grow up together. Baba, however, never calls Ali his friend. Similarly, because of their ethnic and religious differences, Amir says as a child he never thought of Hassan as a friend.

Why did Baba lie about Hassan?

Baba lied about Hassan being his son because if he didn’t, he would have had to admit that he had sex with Sanaubar, Ali’s wife and a Hazara woman. He’d also have to reveal that the encounter occurred soon after Amir’s mother had died. As Rahim Khan explains, “It was a shameful situation.