Resposta rápida: How do you kite like a pro?

How can I improve my kite?

In practice you’ll want to press [A], then left-click near the enemy champion you want to kite. This will cause your champion to auto-attack them automatically. Once your champion has attacked, immediately right-click to move away from them a short distance until your auto-attack is ready to go.

Do pro players use attack move?

With attack move click, you just immediately start attacking the nearest enemy. Yeah, IIRC most of the high ELO players and pros all use it to increase their kiting capabilities. … You still need to have accurate clicking: right click behind you, attack move ON THE ENEMY CHAMPION.

How does attack move work?

How to Attack Move. The default Attack Move command is the ‘A’ key. By pressing A and then left-click, you’ll create a pointer you can place onto the ground. If there’s an enemy nearby, your champion will automatically attack the closest target.

What does it mean to kite in lol?

The goal of kiting is to create distance from your opponent while dealing as much damage as possible. In order to ‘kite’ an enemy team (or single opponent), you create distance between yourself and damage dealers or divers with movement speed, dashes, flash, and right click movement commands.9 мая 2017 г.

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What does kiting mean?

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What is auto attack in lol?

A basic attack (also called a standard, normal, or auto attack) is the default means by which a unit deals damage.

How do you use a high attack speed kite?

go into a practice game, and your kiting will be as simple as pressing A and S in rapid succession to kite/ attack move (similar to how osu players use the keyboard), then using D and F as your summoners. you can quickly switch to QWER since your entire set up is so close to each other.

What is the difference between attack move and attack move click?

Both are vital to kiting, but you may find yourself favoring one or the other. Player attack move will show you your range and will auto attack the nearest target to your cursor if you press your right mouse button. … On the other hand, player attack move click does it all for you but it doesn’t show the range.

Is attack move on cursor good?

For CSing and harassing, use attack move on cursor. However, the reason attack move option is better when fighting champions is because it allows you to orb walk. This is because you don’t need to click all the way onto an enemy champion, just close to them, and you don’t need to be as precise in clicking on them.

What is player attack only click?

What “Player Attack Only Click” (PAOC) does: It only attacks a target if there is a valid target under your cursor, otherwise nothing happens (which also means that you do not move). So it is basically like Right Clicking, except that you can not move your champion with this hotkey, only basic attacks are allowed.

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How do I check my auto attack range?

This is attack move and will only show the indicator until you click. If you want a more permanent option to show the range indicator (for whatever reason), you can press “C”. This is the key that shows your character info, but also shows the range indicator as long as you are holding it down.

Should I bind attack move to left click?

Personally you have to learn to attack move, binding it to left click isn’t a great idea since it attacks your nearest target, this is not good as there as times where you need to manually click on target and kite the old fashioned way of click to target to attack and then manually click to move away since you might be …