Pergunta frequente: How strong is Kite Chimera Ant?

Possibly. Chimera Ants are many times stronger than the food/species they’re made from. Kite was exceptional strong as a human so it stands that he’s most likely stronger as an Ant now. Also, Kite is from the Royal Guard (Meruem’s twin no less), so it’s very possible that he is own the same level as they Royal Guard.

Is Kite stronger than hisoka?

However, Kite with his weaker weapon can still be stronger than Hisoka… … Kite was very intelligent and instinctive, he had Gyo and can definitely see through Hisoka’s attacks. Kite also have heavy destructive nen powers and he’s trained. He wins because he’s Kite…

Is Meruem stronger than Ging?

There is almost no way Ging can win against Meruem as Meruem is just waaaaaaay too strong. The only thing that Meruem actually took some damage from was Netero’s “Zero Hand” and even that didn’t damage Meruem that much. Simply put, Ging just isn’t strong enough and Meruem is also way too smart.

How strong is kite HXH?

Since he was trained in Nen by Ging Freecss, one of the very best Nen users in the world, it can be assumed that Kite is very competent in this field. He is known to have a powerful aura. His En has a radius of about 45 meters (approx. 150′), with fluctuations of 2 or 3 meters (approx.

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Who is the strongest Chimera Ant?

Hunter x Hunter: 10 Strongest Chimera Ants, Ranked

  1. 1 Meruem. Meruem was the strongest known character to have ever appeared in the Hunter x Hunter series.
  2. 2 Chimera Ant Queen. The Chimera Ant Queen was the first Chimera Ant to have been introduced to us. …
  3. 3 Neferpitou. …
  4. 4 Menthuthuyoupi. …
  5. 5 Shaiapouf. …
  6. 6 Zazan. …
  7. 7 Leol. …
  8. 8 Cheetu. …

How did hisoka die?

He leaves the group when Chrollo’s Nen is sealed by Kurapika and sets out to find a way to break the seal. Having been successful in this task, Hisoka dies after fighting Chrollo in Heavens Arena, but revives himself, and goes on a killing rampage against the Phantom Troupe.

Who is the strongest HXH character?


Who are the 5 strongest Nen users?

Here are the 10 strongest known Nen users in Hunter x Hunter.

  • 8 Chrollo Lucilfer. …
  • 7 Gon Freecss. …
  • 6 Ging Freecss. …
  • 5 Zeno Zoldyck. …
  • 4 The Royal Guard. …
  • 3 Maha Zoldyck. …
  • 2 Isaac Netero. …
  • 1 Meruem. Also known as King, Meruem was the strongest Chimera Ant and the most powerful being in the entire Hunter x Hunter series until now.

Is Meruem a bad guy?

Meruem isn’t particularly a “villain” to be remembered. … I didn’t think of Meruem as a villain because to him, he is doing the right thing. To him, he is doing no evil. He isn’t some crazed-eye manic-laughing Big-Bad who just wants to destroy humans because of some species war.

Is Ging Freecss the strongest hunter?

6 Strongest: Ging Freecss

According to the former Chairman Netero, Ging Freecss is one of the 5 strongest Nen users in the entire world. … Regardless of the mystery that shrouds Ging, it is safe to say that he’s one of the strongest Hunters alive in the series right now.

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Why was kite reborn as a girl?

Kite used his Crazy Slots special ability to get the number needed to prevent his permanent death and so was reborn from the Queen.

Why did KITE make Crazy Slots?

So, according to HxH wiki: Kite’s Crazy Slots allows him to conjure some weapons with a clown affixed to it. … This means that Kite cannot choose what weapon he wants to use; he did this in order to increase the power of the individual weapons by making a Contract prohibiting selection by choice.

Who is GON’s mom?

At the age of twenty, Ging Freecss returned home to Whale Island for the first time in eight years carrying his infant son, Gon. When questioned about the child’s mother, Ging simply mentioned that the pair had separated.

Who killed Menthuthuyoupi?


Can I skip Chimera Ant arc?

There are only like 10 episodes remaining after the chimera ant arc ends and most of it is epilogue for ca arc. … Honestly, you can skip a good chunk of the CA arc.

Is Pitou a boy?

Id say theyre a guy considering the page itself says the only official source refers to him as male. Quote: Pitou is always referred to as a ‘he’ in the manga, not sure about the anime though. In the anime, gon referes to pitou as an it, but I’ve always thought of pitou as female.