Is Kite as strong as Meruem?

Is Ging stronger than Meruem?

There is almost no way Ging can win against Meruem as Meruem is just waaaaaaay too strong. The only thing that Meruem actually took some damage from was Netero’s “Zero Hand” and even that didn’t damage Meruem that much. Simply put, Ging just isn’t strong enough and Meruem is also way too smart.

Can Chrollo beat Meruem?

10 Can Defeat Chrollo: Meruem

His strength was impeccable, and so was his intelligence. Few could ever hope to hold their ground against him in battle, and the only one to do that against him was Isaac Netero—even then Netero ended up losing badly.

Who can beat Meruem?

Maha is the only Enhancer in the Zoldyck Family. It is unknown how powerful he is or was, but Zeno has stated that Chairman Netero, once the strongest fighter in the known world, was the only person to have fought him and lived to tell about it. He is the only one who stand a chance against Meruem. PERIOD.

How strong is kite HXH?

Since he was trained in Nen by Ging Freecss, one of the very best Nen users in the world, it can be assumed that Kite is very competent in this field. He is known to have a powerful aura. His En has a radius of about 45 meters (approx. 150′), with fluctuations of 2 or 3 meters (approx.

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Who are the top 5 Nen users?

Here are the 10 strongest known Nen users in Hunter x Hunter.

  1. 1 Meruem. Also known as King, Meruem was the strongest Chimera Ant and the most powerful being in the entire Hunter x Hunter series until now.
  2. 2 Isaac Netero. …
  3. 3 Maha Zoldyck. …
  4. 4 The Royal Guard. …
  5. 5 Zeno Zoldyck. …
  6. 6 Ging Freecss. …
  7. 7 Gon Freecss. …
  8. 8 Chrollo Lucilfer. …

Could gon have killed Meruem?

Pitou is a Royal Guard and so she naturally worries about Meruem regardless of whether someone could actually follow through with killing him. Yes Gon can actually damage Meruem, but the same goes the other way around. Meruem can damage Gon just as easily.

Can hisoka beat Goku?

This is a really hard fight, im not sure who’d win. Hisoka has lots of tricks like strangling Goku with his bungee gum etc so i think Hisoka has the edge in this fight. Nen-less Hisoka would beat the crap out of SSJ3 Goku. …

Can hisoka kill Meruem?

When it comes to a fight between Nen users, pure power doesn’t mean everything. One may have an ability than can overpower a type of opponent. However the below data points conclusively prove that Meruem is WAY more powerful than Hisoka and he can only beat him under extraordinary circumstances.

Does kurapika die?

All that were supposed to die have died. … Kurapika will die.

Can Meruem beat Saitama?

Up against Meruem, who probably can’t even take out a country in a single attack, let’s be real here, Saitama will easily win, though he might have some fun fighting someone with the mentality of Meruem who has the same amount of Pride as Escanor from the 7 Deadly Sins, if not more. … Saitama is designed never to lose.

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Who is the strongest HXH character?


Is Meruem a bad guy?

Meruem isn’t particularly a “villain” to be remembered. … I didn’t think of Meruem as a villain because to him, he is doing the right thing. To him, he is doing no evil. He isn’t some crazed-eye manic-laughing Big-Bad who just wants to destroy humans because of some species war.

Why was kite reborn as a girl?

Kite used his Crazy Slots special ability to get the number needed to prevent his permanent death and so was reborn from the Queen.

Why did KITE make Crazy Slots?

So, according to HxH wiki: Kite’s Crazy Slots allows him to conjure some weapons with a clown affixed to it. … This means that Kite cannot choose what weapon he wants to use; he did this in order to increase the power of the individual weapons by making a Contract prohibiting selection by choice.

Who is GON’s mom?

At the age of twenty, Ging Freecss returned home to Whale Island for the first time in eight years carrying his infant son, Gon. When questioned about the child’s mother, Ging simply mentioned that the pair had separated.