How much does it cost to go to indoor skydiving?

Depending on how much time you want to spend in the tunnel, you can expect to pay $40–$70 per person for an indoor skydiving simulator session. This price often includes a few minutes of flying, plus training, personal instruction from a coach, and a post-flight DVD or tape to show off the experience to your friends.

How much does it cost to go to iFLY indoor skydiving?

How much does it cost? Our basic first-time flyer package starts at $59.95. Flight packages vary in cost at iFLY based upon the number of flyers, whether you have flown before and how much time you fly. Find the right flight package for you by using our flight booking tool.

How much does iFLY cost per minute?

Basic/Deluxe Packages

Most wind tunnels offer 2 or more basic flight times. For instance tunnel might offer 2 minutes for $60 and 4 minutes for $110. Generally speaking you will pay a bit less as you buy more tunnel time.

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How much does it cost to open an iFLY?

Wind tunnel businesses are extremely profitable, but typically require $6-10 million of up-front investment.

How long are flights at iFLY?

two 1 minute

Is indoor skydiving dangerous?

Risks Involved With Indoor Skydiving

If you’re flying with other people, there’s always the risk that you could collide with one another too. We help minimize that risk through training. In general, indoor skydiving is a really safe sport. It’s is a cardiovascular workout too, making it a great way to stay fit.

How long does a skydive last?

Skydiving takes about 5-7 minutes from jump to landing, plus 20 minutes or so in the airplane beforehand. It may not sound like a long time, but with so many new sensations happening throughout, your body will go into superhero mode, being hyper aware of every moment. It’ll feel like the longest minutes of your life!

Why is IFLY so expensive?

Why is it so damn expensive? A number of reasons – a percentage of the money coming in (that’s total money, not profit) goes to the people who hold all the patents for the tunnel, a percentage also goes to the land holders. The running costs are also pretty steep – think 4x 10ft turbines constantly running.

Can you breathe when skydiving?

The answer is yes, you can! Even in freefall, falling at speeds up to 160mph, you can easily get plenty of oxygen to breathe. … Not being able to breathe is a common misconception of skydiving. Yes, your first skydive will take your breath away – but not literally!

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Is indoor skydiving scary?

Indoor skydiving may get very scary, very fast when you realize that the stuff that generally works for you–making rapid, aggressive corrections; muscling through difficulty; getting tense–doesn’t work in the wind.14 мая 2018 г.

How fast is the wind in an indoor skydiving?

Air moves upwards at approximately 195 km/h (120 mph or 55 m/s), the terminal velocity of a falling human body belly-downwards. A vertical wind tunnel is frequently called ‘indoor skydiving’ due to the popularity of vertical wind tunnels among skydivers, who report that the sensation is extremely similar to skydiving.

Why are wind tunnels so expensive?

Wind tunnels are large because of an effect called choking. … A recirculating type tunnel of this size would be very expensive indeed. An important consideration when operating a wind tunnel is that the airflow must travel at the same speed across the working part of the tunnel.

Do you tip at iFLY?

Hello there! Tips are always encouraged, though not required. The amount is totally dependent on your feelings post-experience.

Can you pass out when skydiving?

The thing is that it’s very uncommon–and pretty much always preventable! People who pass out on a tandem skydive usually made one of the following mistakes: … They pushed forward with a planned skydive even though they were feeling unwell. They drank too much night before and showed up with a hangover.

How high do you go in iFLY?

10-20 feet

Can you wear shorts to iFLY?

No need to change once you get here — you’ll put on your flight suit on top of what you wear to the tunnel. Pants: Wear jeans or pants, just make sure they are not tight or restrictive. Shorts: Same as pants, make sure they’re comfortable. Shirt: A comfortable short or long sleeve shirt is recommended.

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