How does the poet describe the kite?

The poet draws a beautiful picture of the flying kite through his words in the poem. According to the him, a kite looks beautiful. It is lovely and bright in the blue sky. It looks more beautiful when it dances moving its tails high up in the air.

What does the poet compare the kite to?

Dear Student, The kite is compared to a ship with a sail as it dips, dives and then soars up high!29 мая 2020 г.

How does the kite look?

A new kite looks bright when the sky is clear and blue. The kite takes a plunge and bends sideways. Its tail produces a cracking noise. Then suddenly the kite rises high like a ship with a sail cloth.

How does the poet describe the beauty of the goldfinch?

Answer: The yellow colour of Goldfinch bird represents beauty in the poem. The bird is yellow, the sunlight is yellow, and the flowers of the tree are also yellow. The dead silence prevailed in the tree, but as soon as Goldfinch arrives to meet her kids, the tree becomes alive.

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Why did the sister quarrel with her brother?

One day the sister quarrelled with her brother. The reason was very petty. … Then suddenly the brother realised his mistake. He decided to make up with the narrator.

How does the poet define beauty?

The poet says that the real beauty can be seen in the sunlight, trees, and birds, in corn growing; people working or people dancing for the harvest. … The poet says in the concluding stanza that beauty lies in ourselves; in good deeds, happy thoughts which are repeated in our dreams and in our work and even in our rest.

What is the moral of the poem the kite?

The moral of the poem is that to be successful in life one must work hard with determination and be courageous.

What was Patrick’s wish?

Answer: Patrick had saved the tiny man’s life from the cat by not handing him back to the cat. So he promised to fulfill one wish of Patrick. Answer: Patrick hated doing homework. His greatest wish was that the little man should do all his homework till the end of the session.

Who is the poet of the kite?

Harry Behn

Why does the poet use the word engine?

The image of the engine is evoked by the poet as an engine is a source of providing energy which enables the machines to run. The energy of the bird has been compared with that of a machine as she is also a source of providing energy to her family.

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Why is the goldfinch compared to a lizard?

The goldfinch’s movement is compared to that of a lizard. The basis of the comparison is the sleek abrupt and alert movements of a lizard. The same kinds of movements are observed when the goldfinch arrives on the laburnum tree.

What is described as engine in the poem?

Chick. Explanation: Hughes describes this as “the engine of her family,” a gathering of small birds who the goldfinch is able to “stoke” as she would an engine by feeding the baby birds with the food she has gathered for them.

What message does the poem quarrel give us?

The poem “The Quarrel” is about the quarrel between the siblings. The poet talks about the love hidden behind the quarreling of the siblings. They fight with each other but they cannot live without each other. In the poem, the poet speaks about the quarrel between him and his brother.

What was the reason behind the quarrel?

Shortage of food causes quarrels. People can even fight because there is little food. * Lack of employment: For example, if a parent goes to look for employment and fails to get it, he or she may bring their frustration home and start quarrelling. Shortage of food causes quarrels.

How long do quarrel last between siblings?

If the sibling is immature and fights with everything they do, doesn’t understand quickly the quarrel can last long. If the matter is big it can even last long. But if the matter is small and the siblings are cooperative and understand then it will never be long. But mostly quarrel never last long..

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