How do you make a kite out of Popsicle sticks?

How do you make a kite out of sticks?


  1. Carefully carve a small notch into both ends of each wooden stick. …
  2. Take the string and tie the sticks at the center, so they are shaped like a cross. …
  3. String your string into the notches around the ends of the sticks.
  4. Help your child unfold the newspaper and cut a pattern to match the shape of the kite frame.

How do you make a fish out of Popsicle sticks?


  1. Paint popsicle sticks and allow to dry. You need to paint four popsicle sticks per fish craft.
  2. Glue two popsicle sticks together to form an acute angle. …
  3. Cut a piece of paper to fit the fish. …
  4. Glue a google eye to the fish near the the angle.

What can I use instead of a popsicle stick?

What if I don’t have popsicle sticks, can plastic spoons work? Yes, plastic spoons can be used instead of popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are cheap to buy, however, and would be easier to use.

Is it safe to use craft sticks for popsicles?

Are your craft sticks safe to be used when making popsicles? The craft sticks are for crafting purposes only. … Food safe wooden sticks can also be found in the candy making department of most large craft stores and sometimes in the produce section of your grocery store (for making caramel apples).

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Why do Popsicles have two sticks?

In 1923, he renamed his treat the Popsicle and patented his product. … The dual Popsicle featuring two sticks and one Popsicle that could be split in half was introduced during the Great Depression as a way to split the treat across two children for the same cost. More than two billion Popsicles are sold each year.

What wood is used for Popsicle sticks?

baltic birch